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McClintock Dr Bike Lanes and Repaving Project

For more information and project updates:


Opportunity for input regarding proposed Orbit (Neighborhood Circulator) expansion.  Orbit is a free-fare service that uses small buses to serve residential areas and connect them to local destinations such as shopping areas, other neighborhoods, major bus routes, parks, schools and multi-generational centers.  To find out more and to take a survey, Check out the four proposed route options.  Jason Hartong is the Project Manager and he can be reached at or 480-350-2747.

Information Presented by Tempe PD

Tempe PD Non-Emergency Telephone Number:  480 350-8311

Recent Thefts

Please be aware that areas of the city are experiencing a series of auto part thefts from vehicles parked along the roadways or in parking lots.  Mainly tailgates and grills.  So if you have a lock on your tailgate of your pickup truck please lock it.

Sec. 29-25. Use of Alleys as Thoroughfares.

Call 480 350-8311 if you see suspicious activity in the alleys…..

No person shall use an alley within the city as a thoroughfare except authorized emergency vehicles, property owners, residents, and tenants within the boundaries of their property, performing loading and unloading from their property, or vehicles otherwise authorized by the city. The chief of police or his designee is designated as the enforcing agent of this section. A violation of this section shall be a class three (3) misdemeanor.     (Ord. No. O2014.06, 1-23-14; Ord. No. O2014.65, 11-13-14)

Tempe Police Department Smart Phone App

Download the Tempe Police Department phone application on your cellular devices and tablets.  The application is a great resource of information.  You can also submit tips on crimes, view wanted posters, events within the city, community information, commend an officer, read press releases, etc. Search for “Tempe Police Department” on the Apple or Android App Store

Crime Information Website

Shows crime statistics, locations, and detailed map of the crime in the area.  The website also has email reports and tips for the public.  There is also a free app for smart phones.

Have Police Check your Home While on Vacation

Here is the link to the website which allows citizens to request a welfare check and extra patrol request of their residence while they are out of town.


Tempe 311: Single contact Number for City of Tempe - 480-350-4311


Tempe 311: SmartPhone App

Search "Tempe 311" in the App Store.

Roof Rats

They are in our neighborhood and can spread disease and damage property.  They love to eat citrus and also have a taste for electrical wiring insulation.   The best prevention is to remove their food source.

Pick up any citrus on the ground

Don’t leave uneaten pet food outdoors

Seal your house to prevent entry:  Vent lines on roof, cracks in eaves, small holes that lead to your attic, etc.

Lawn Mites

Unsightly brown dead spots in your lawn that don’t go away no matter how much you water or fertilize?  Could be lawn mites…. Now is a good time to protect your lawn by contacting a local nursery for advice. An application now of a good insecticide can get your lawn off to a good start, reduce water and fertilizer requirements, and protect it from these nasty little bugs!! 

Tempe 11

View City Council meetings and other City meetings


You can now drain your pool less than 35,000 gallons without a permit.

Priority of draining locations:

1.  Drain on your property if possible – use for irrigation
2.  Residential cleanout
3.  Street 

Maintenance backwash water can only be discharged on the owner’s property!!  Don’t drain in the alley!! It makes a mess and you can be cited!

Your Alley and Your Weeds

Does your property share an alley wall? IT’S YOURS! You are responsible for the routine maintenance and upkeep of the wall and adjoining property. While the City of Tempe is responsible for the “heavy lifting” related to alley maintenance, residents share responsibility for making sure their alleys are free of weeds and debris. Unkempt alleys are an invitation for illegal dumping, fire hazards, and unsavory characters looking for junk and/or easy access to your home. The spring weeds can quickly become the early summer fire hazard. Be a good neighbor and keep Camelot Village alleys clean.

Tempe Forum

Make yourself heard on the Tempe Forum.

State of the Neighborhoods 2015 – Mayor Mark Mitchell



City of Tempe Contact Information

Mayor & City Council:

Tempe info: 480 350-4311

Tempe Police:  480-350-8311

Emergency:  911