Camelot Village Neighborhood Association 

Annual CVNA Community Meeting Minutes:  May 15, 2019

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Current CVNA board officers were elected for 2019- 2020
President – Sid Frede, Vice President – Linda Bergevin, Treasurer – Jim Sippel, Secretary – Jo Anne Frede

Officers have agreed to serve for the 2019-2020 term.


Newsletter – writer position is open.  CVNA needs a volunteer editor. 
Website & 4th of July Parade Event Coordinators – Debi & Larry Nielson
December Luminary – Sid Frede
GAIN Halloween Event Chair Person – Position is open.  CVNA Officers are looking for assistance and a person to run the event.

Tempe Police Officer Neighborhood Watch – Ryan Cook

  • No reported thefts or break-ins were discussed for Camelot Village

Elizabeth Thomas – City of Tempe Neighborhood Services

  • Informed community about Tempe’s Watersmart Program.
  • Spoke about Tempe’s SLipp program – Tempe’s new Service Line Protection Program starts coverage one year after signing up for the program.  Program covers replacement of underground water and or sewer lines.  Replacement is expensive.  This programs insurance saves several thousand dollars of out of pocket costs.
  • Elizabeth left brochures for CVNA neighbors:  Tempe’s Watersmart Program, SLipp Service Line Protection Program, Tempe Bikeway Maps, Tempe Transit System Map, Orbit System Map, 2019 Tempe Solid Waste & Water, Blue Recycle Bin Information, 2019 Bulk & Green Organics Collection Schedule, Other Slash the Trash information.  Several brochures were left with Sid Frede.

Dawn Ratcliffe - City of Tempe – Recycling Coordinator

  • Green organics – city takes palm fronds and Oleander
  • City of Tempe’s compost yard on Rio Salado Drive & Hardy has compost available for residents.  There are different types of compost available for pick up.  See city website for weekly business hours.
  • Alley collection for Trash and Green Organics – residents need to keep green waste separate from other trash, keep piles at least 4’ apart for fork lift pick up, don’t co-mingle organics with trash in the same pile.
  • City of Tempe has a ten-year contract with Waste Management to take residents waste
  • Waste Management sorts and diverts as much waste from the landfill as possible
  • Blue bin waste goes to a recycle center
  • City tests waste management solutions prior to any public announcements
  • City has a location where residents can bring shredded paper.  Location is on the city website.
  • Dawn had many examples of what can and cannot be recycled.  City doesn’t take FedEx and UPS type of plastic envelopes/bags.
  • Residents urged to call 311 and report any illegal trash dumping and note license plates of violators, if possible.

Sid Frede – CVNA President update

  • Discussed vacation rentals, what cities are allowed and not allowed to legislate and what laws have been passed by the AZ. State Legislature that impact local homeowners.
  • Volunteer canal clean up between Price Road and McClintock is now the responsibility of CVNA and will be coordinated by Caroline Webster four times a year.  Caroline is looking for teenage volunteers and all other CVNA residents to assist this service project.
  • Guadalupe Road and Kenwood entry island low landscape planting was completed end of 2018 and beginning of 2019.  We appreciate the city improvements.
  • CVNA submitted a 2019 application for the Maryanne Corder Annual Tempe Grant for one Stroud Park stationary 46” square signature style (checkerboard inset) three seat table with wheelchair access.
  • Board of Directors will look at the block walls along Guadalupe Road and Country Club Way.  We need to determine what repairs are needed and the associated costs.  CVNA has assisted with repair and painting of Guadalupe and Country Club walls in the past.  Homeowners are responsible for both sides of their block walls whether street facing or alley facing. 
  • We need a volunteer coordinator and volunteers to help run activities for the October city GAIN event/CVNA Halloween party (for our community) in Stroud Park.
  • TNT (Tempe Neighborhoods Together) – Sid represents CVNA at TNT meetings.  TNT city-wide group have been assisting Tempe City residents with community action items and concerns.  TNT is monitoring the State Legislature, meeting with legislators and educating themselves on bills pending that impact our communities, cities and towns.

Jim Sippel – Treasurer’s Report

  • As of 5/15/2019 there is $3,555.06 in the CVNA treasury. 
  • Dues are voluntary for our association.  Suggested contribution is $30.00 per household per year. 
  • Dues go toward funding community events such as:  4th of July parade and Stroud Park picnic, GAIN Halloween Stroud Park party, maintenance of the Kenwood entry solar lighting system and other miscellaneous expenses.  Contact Jim Sippel for treasury report details.

BY:  Jo Anne Frede, Secretary


Annual CVNA Community Meeting Minutes: April 27, 2017

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Attendance: Community Meeting

Current CVNA board officers were reelected for 2017- 2018 – President – Sid Frede, Vice President – Open , Treasurer – Jim Sippel, Secretary – Jo Anne Frede,

Committees: Ellie Feldner – retiring Newsletter, Serena Jones - Newsletter, Website – Debi & Larry Nielson

Tempe Police Officer – Block Watch Officer is Nathan Ryerson • Officers patrol neighborhood at least once a week • Guadalupe Rd./McClintock Drive shopping centers are a part of Crime statistics for our neighborhood • Sid and Officer Nathan Ryberg suggested setting up neighborhood block watches before an incident occurs.

Stroud Park Update – CVNA is combining with Round Valley for City of Tempe Grant funds for bicycle racks and a sports backstop.

State Representative to the Arizona State Legislature - Mitzi Epstein advised the attendees about the following legislative issues: Public School funding, tying communication of all cities into one network, citizen initiatives, strict compliance for getting citizen initiatives on the ballot, texting and using hand held devices while driving, and 2017 state budget. Sid will forward elected officials contact information to the CVNA website for anyone interested in contacting their City/State/Federal representatives. Important for all voices on issues impacting individuals, community, state and country to be heard. Anyone can register at the AZ State Capitol website to make their opinions known to your State Representative about AZ issues from the convenience of your cell phone or home computer.

TNT – Tempe Neighborhoods Together is made up of volunteers from Neighborhood Associations (like CVNA) and city wide HOAs. TNT has been instrumental in working with City of Tempe for improved funding and to improve/update city parks with handicap facilities, added trees and interactive Art in the parks. They have also addressed gentrification of neighborhoods, homeless population and a variety of other community concerns. They have formed active committees to work with the AZ State Legislature. Sid is our representative from CVNA. Contact him for additional information.

CVNA is setting up an interested CVNA steering committee to explore different forms of art in the park, such as high school theater musicals presentations, music and other static arts that invite interaction and pop up presentations.

Stephanie McGeorge – discussed a community food drive for summer food assistance for children at Kyrene Del Norte elementary school. Stephanie and friends are gathering donations that will be delivered to Del Norte. There is a drop off box at the northeast corner of Kenwood Drive and Vaughn.

Sid asked for volunteers to organize and work together on the fall GAIN Halloween event.

Sid presented a map of Camelot Village and asked for individuals to volunteer to be a communication link for their street or cul-de-sac of adjacent homes.

Jim Sippel – Treasurer’s Report - currently there is $2,901.00 in the CVNA treasury. CVNA is a voluntary dues community. Suggested volunteer amount of $30.00 per household per year. Dues go toward funding the food/beverages/supplies for 4th of July, GAIN Halloween event, maintenance of the solar and plantings at the Kenwood Entrance.

Special recognition to Carla Smith and Ellie Feldner for the time they have given to the community over many years. Carla has been instrumental in researching and writing the City of Tempe Grant applications. Ellie has coordinated with the City and published our CVNA newsletter that you receive in your mailbox. Our community is very appreciative of Carla’s and Ellie’s efforts and their dedication to our community.

BY: Jo Anne Frede Secretary


Annual CVNA Community Meeting Minutes: April 19, 2016

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Attendance: Community Meeting – see sign in list for attendees

Current CVNA board officers were reelected for 2016- 2017 - President – Sid Frede, Vice President – Carla Smith, Treasurer – Jim Sippel, Secretary – Jo Anne Frede, Ellie Feldner – Newsletter, Website – Debi & Larry Nielson

Elizabeth Thomas – City of Tempe Neighborhood Services, provided the following information:

  • Stroud Park Improvements – New LED lighting for Basketball court, Soccer Field and around park perimeter will be installed by year end. Tempe website has information on LED lighting pilot locations.

  • Bike week will be celebrated this week with a variety of restaurants offering coffee, bagels and free giveaways May 22, 2016. City of Tempe website has additional info.

  • City of Tempe have a list of groups that will pick up unwanted garage sale items at the end of a sale. Sid will get the list.

  • Kiwanis Park will celebrate Arbor Day Friday, April 29, 2016

Tempe Police Officer – Lt. Jim Peterson & Block Watch Officer is Nathan Ryerson attended meeting

  • Typical Block Watch size 12 – 14 homes

  • Nearby apartment complex, shopping center and business are a part of the community crime statistics

  • Officers patrol neighborhood at least once a week

  • Tempe police force has around 350 officers

Bonnie Richardson – City of Tempe Urban Planner representing city and Parks Department

  • Trees cool our environment, clean our air and accumulate value over time. Trees help to shade parking lots. 95 degrees is our average night time summer temperature.

  • City of Tempe is developing a forest master plan that is due to be finished in August.

  • City of Tempe received a $100,000.00 grant for new tree planting from the Urban Forest Initiative.

  • Tempe has 2% tree coverage.

  • New Parks Director and Deputy Parks Director are assisting with the tree analysis. There will be more grants for trees in Tempe parks.

Sid Frede – Current CVNA President

  • Sid is working with the City of Tempe to get new decomposed granite to go against CVNA walls along Guadalupe Road.

  • Sid discussed results of CVNA on line survey. We are looking for new volunteers to help with a variety of events.

  • Community garage sale will be advertised for Saturday, May 7th. Every resident that wishes to participate will be responsible for their own sale at their own residence.

  • Sid represents CVNA – he talked about TNT (Tempe Neighborhoods Together) group members that represent a variety of neighborhoods across the city. TNT has been involved in increasing the budget for Tempe city parks by meeting with city council members, supporting code enforcement/city inspectors and keeping up current on new projects coming before the city council that have an impact on local home owners.

Jim Sippel – Treasurer’s Report – contact Jim to view finances.

BY: Jo Anne Frede