Camelot Village Neighborhood Association 

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Annual CVNA Community Meeting Minutes: April 19, 2016

Attendance: Community Meeting – see sign in list for attendees

Current CVNA board officers were reelected for 2016- 2017 - President – Sid Frede, Vice President – Carla Smith, Treasurer – Jim Sippel, Secretary – Jo Anne Frede, Ellie Feldner – Newsletter, Website – Debi & Larry Nielson

Elizabeth Thomas – City of Tempe Neighborhood Services, provided the following information:

  • Stroud Park Improvements – New LED lighting for Basketball court, Soccer Field and around park perimeter will be installed by year end. Tempe website has information on LED lighting pilot locations.

  • Bike week will be celebrated this week with a variety of restaurants offering coffee, bagels and free giveaways May 22, 2016. City of Tempe website has additional info.

  • City of Tempe have a list of groups that will pick up unwanted garage sale items at the end of a sale. Sid will get the list.

  • Kiwanis Park will celebrate Arbor Day Friday, April 29, 2016

Tempe Police Officer – Lt. Jim Peterson & Block Watch Officer is Nathan Ryerson attended meeting

  • Typical Block Watch size 12 – 14 homes

  • Nearby apartment complex, shopping center and business are a part of the community crime statistics

  • Officers patrol neighborhood at least once a week

  • Tempe police force has around 350 officers

Bonnie Richardson – City of Tempe Urban Planner representing city and Parks Department

  • Trees cool our environment, clean our air and accumulate value over time. Trees help to shade parking lots. 95 degrees is our average night time summer temperature.

  • City of Tempe is developing a forest master plan that is due to be finished in August.

  • City of Tempe received a $100,000.00 grant for new tree planting from the Urban Forest Initiative.

  • Tempe has 2% tree coverage.

  • New Parks Director and Deputy Parks Director are assisting with the tree analysis. There will be more grants for trees in Tempe parks.

Sid Frede – Current CVNA President

  • Sid is working with the City of Tempe to get new decomposed granite to go against CVNA walls along Guadalupe Road.

  • Sid discussed results of CVNA on line survey. We are looking for new volunteers to help with a variety of events.

  • Community garage sale will be advertised for Saturday, May 7th. Every resident that wishes to participate will be responsible for their own sale at their own residence.

  • Sid represents CVNA – he talked about TNT (Tempe Neighborhoods Together) group members that represent a variety of neighborhoods across the city. TNT has been involved in increasing the budget for Tempe city parks by meeting with city council members, supporting code enforcement/city inspectors and keeping up current on new projects coming before the city council that have an impact on local home owners.

Jim Sippel – Treasurer’s Report – contact Jim to view finances.

BY: Jo Anne Frede