Camelot Village Neighborhood Association 

Annual CVNA Community Meeting Minutes:

Stroud Park, Saturday, May 4, 2022 @7:00 PM

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CVNA Board Officers Elected at 2022 Annual Meeting

President – Sid Frede
Vice President – Pete Bergevin
Treasurer – Daniel Kyman,
Secretary – Jo Anne Frede


Website – Larry Nielson
th of July 2022 Parade -– New volunteers are working with the Nielson’s
December Luminary – Sid Frede
GAIN Halloween Event Chair Person – Position is open.

Annual Meeting Minutes

• Future CVNA stucco/paint repair for block walls along Guadalupe Road and Country Club Way will be evaluated end of 2022. If repair costs exceed treasury, we will obtain cost estimates. If costs exceed what is in the treasury, we and ask for volunteer donations.

Following members of the Tempe Police Department were in attendance: Cam Johnson (CVNA) beat officer, Molly Enright Community Affairs TPD. Excellent discussion on neighborhood issues and the importance in contacting police if something seems odd in the neighborhood. Don’t hesitate to call the non-emergency number with as much information as possible: Description of suspicious activity, license plate number/vehicle info, location and other pertinent information.

We had a good discussion on the homeless, Police and community services are working on this situation. Homelessness is a multifaceted problem that is being addressed by city services and external non-profit organizations. Community members can play an important role in this issue that affects all our neighborhoods.

• Tempe Police Department contact info o Ryan Cook – Police Crime Prevention Officer for South Tempe 480-350-8696

 Tempe Police Department contact information: Non-Emergency 480-350-8311.

 Sergeant Hampton 480-858-6025 Cell 480-298-2086

 Molly Enright 480-858-6148

 Tempe 311 One call to City Hall 480-350-4311 – the operator can direct you to any city contact.

BY: Jo Anne de



Note from Sid Frede, CVNA President

Thanks to everyone who attended our annual meeting. It was a pleasure to be able to meet in person again!


  • CVNA Adopt-A-Canal

Caroline Webster has organized the CVNA Adopt-A-Canal for several years. Camelot Village helps maintain the canal from McClintock to Price Road by cleaning up trash, pulling weeds, etc. The City maintenance crew does the heavy lifting and Camelot does the fine tuning. Caroline is graduating from high school this year and we need volunteers to take over her responsibilities. Please consider volunteering to organize the important task for Camelot Village. This is a great project for high school students looking for Community Service participation for college applications.
She will be organizing a Spring clean up soon and you will have an opportunity to join in and learn the ropes!

  • 4th of July Parade and Picnic

This has been a CVNA tradition for 20 years! We meet at the church parking lot at Guadalupe and Country Club Lane. Tempe Police and Fire join us with Cruisers and Fire Trucks and Kids, Dads, Mom, family, and friends parade to Stroud park for a good old fashioned Picnic and BBQ. Local businesses donate to a raffle which helps raise money for the community. Unfortunately, Covid interrupted our annual event. At the last parade in 2019 we had nearly 140 marchers, bicycles, cars, golf carts, wagons,etc.!!
Debi and Larry Nielson have organized this event since its inception but will be retiring and turning over the event to the next generation. Four community members volunteered to take over the reins. Larry and Debi have it down to a science and will provide the volunteers with the formula and contacts to carry on the tradition!

Many thanks to Larry & Debi for organizing this wonderful community tradition for the last 20 years!!!

  • Elections of Officers

Jim Sippel has been our Treasurer for many years. He has worked diligently for the community for many years and is retiring the position. Daniel Kyman was elected Treasurer at the meeting.

Officers were elected for the coming year by majority vote of attendees: 
Sid Frede – President
Pete Bergevin – Vice President
Jo Anne Frede – Secretary
Daniel Kyman - Treasurer

  • Community events

Halloween/GAIN party
Fix the Walls
Community Grants (up to $15,000/yr)

Commercialization of Camelot

Short Term rentals (STRs) and the corporate purchase of residential real estate are a major threat to communities.

• Tempe has over 2300 Short Term Rentals o Less than 500 are registered with the City. Many are not paying taxes. 
• Arizona – over 52,000
• Every short term rental removes a housing opportunity for a family with kids and pets to live in a community
• Even a non-party house STR disrupts neighborhood
 Continuous unknown people next door
o Concern for safety, children, health, etc.
• Corporations purchased 22% of residential home in Phoenix in 2021 o
19% of homes purchased in our ZipCode 85283 in 2021

    • • State laws limit and punish Cities from trying to regulate this intrusion o See SB1350 & SB1487 excerpts below

  • There are precedents for Neighborhoods modifying CC&Rs to limit STR/corporate rental activity

    • • Currently in Camelot Village  3 – Short Term Rentals 1 – Boarding house

    • There was an Arizona Supreme Court ruling in March (MAARTEN KALWAY v. CALABRIA RANCH HOA LLC) limiting the ability of CC&Rs to enforce regulations, which seems to pertain to the ability to limit short term rentals. It may make previous amendments to CC&Rs unenforceable.

    • • "Because this ruling is retroactive, there is now doubt cast on the eligibility of amendments that seek to ban short term rentals in communities with CC&Rs. Other changes that may be difficult or impossible to enact include the addition of accessory dwelling units, garage enclosures, satellite dishes, and landscaping alterations.

• To read the opinion in its entirety, please click here.)"

    • I will be contacting City/Private attorney to get an opinion on how this effects neighborhoods. We may not be able to modify our CC&Rs to restrict short term rental in Camelot.

Here is a background document with links to STRs, Corporate Residential Purchases, economic reports, City legislation, CC&Rs examples, 60 Minute’s report, and many others

I recently gave a presentation to Mayor Woods and Neighborhood Services regarding the danger private and corporate investors present to the quality of life in our neighborhoods. I you would like to see the power point, contact me for link.

Boarding House in Camelot has disturbing history.

  • • The City is very aware of this situation but has little ability to act. They are monitoring the situation and have contacted the owners. As a part of Tempe Neighborhoods Together (TNT) I have worked with City Staff to review additional codes that could be put in place to provide the City the ability to control/regulate this type of situation. Unfortunately, they would not be retroactive.

  • • It is important to log formal complaints with the City. The Building Inspector Administrator provided me with links to Tempe website to register a complaint.

  • • There have been 10 calls for service to Tempe Police in the last 12 months

Contact me if you would like more details.

Here is link to a Nextdoor post of a resident at the boarding house.

  • • Background Information on Arizona bills SB1350/SB1487 limiting Cities ability to regulate short term rentals.

Short Term rentals (STRs) and the Corporate purchase of residential real estate are a major threat to communities.
Sid gave a brief history of the current situation.
Senate bill SB 1350 passed in 2016 by State Legislature removed control of Short-Term-Rental from cities.  Senate bill SB1487 allowed the State to punish Cities by withholding shared revenue due to the Cities


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