Welcome to Camelot Village

Camelot Village is a beautiful neighborhood in Tempe, Arizona.

The voluntary association was created to promote a sense of community within our lovely neighborhood of 300 homes. 

The association sponsors several social events, traditions and activities each year and works to encourage neighborhood participation in on going beautification projects.

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Voluntary Dues

The Camelot Village Neighborhood Association is kept together by resident volunteers and participation is voluntary, unlike an HOA.

As an active and vibrant neighborhood, we have events and projects that need funding to keep them part of our Camelot traditions and way of life.   Events include the Halloween Party and G.A.I.N. night and the 4th of July Parade and Picnic.  Projects have included the renovation of the Camelot entrance. 

If you would like to contribute, make checks payable to CVNA.  You can give it to any board member or event director.  Click on "Contact us".